Coaching Cultures During Times Like These

“The Heart of Coaching” was written to provide leaders and their teams a universal, systematic, and pragmatic way of creating coaching relationships, and then planning and conducting coaching conversations that ended up serving both the coach and the coachee. When it first appeared 10 years ago, the world never contemplated such times as we are experiencing today. The emotional stresses brought about by the economic meltdown are immense and far reaching.

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Role Modeling Personal Growth

Transformational Coaches must role model openness and responsiveness to performance feedback from whatever source. In “The One Minute Manager,” Ken Blanchard called feedback “the breakfast of champions” — an apt sports metaphor. Feedback is the primary way in which professional athletes learn about barriers that limit their performance. Most highly successful athletes hire not one,…

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Why Create a Coaching Culture?

An organization’s culture is the collective (conscious and unconscious) attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors that define “how we do things around here.” This usually unspoken code of conduct is rarely written down, but often described by the compilation of Core Values that hang on the walls of offices. It is also know as the 800 pound…

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