We certify internal and external facilitators, consultants, and executive coaches to deliver “The Heart of Coaching” workshops to their own organization or to their own clients. We certify facilitators for both Core Skills and Advanced Skills workshops.

We limit certification group sizes to no more than 12 individuals to ensure that grounding and practice sessions are deep and meaningful.

Core Skills Facilitator Certification

Over the course of a five-day period, individuals seeking certification attend the two-day Core Skills Workshop as a participant of this highly experiential learning workshop.

The certification portion consists of three additional days focusing on grounding in the workshop materials and group facilitation skills—all with significant group feedback. We also cover the culture-shifting tools and consulting approach for clients wanting to legitimately create a leader-led, Feedback-Rich Coaching Culture.

Upon satisfactory completion of the five-day process, individuals who are certified join “The Heart of Coaching” learning community and are able to attend online learning events designed by members of the community. We share success stories, support one another, and address how to handle culture-change related challenges.

The ongoing commitment for Certified Core Skills Facilitators is to enter into an agreement to purchase Participant Package materials from Crane Consulting for the workshops you conduct.

Facilitator Kit

Facilitators Guide, a complete 2-day course design (300 pages)

Flash/thumb drive with PowerPoint presentation for workshop (287 slides) and Coaching Demo video

Core Skills Workshop Participant Workbook (190 pages)

The Heart of Coaching, Fourth Edition (224 pages)

Participant Package for each Core Skills participant

The Heart of Coaching, Fourth Edition (224 pages)

Core Skills Workshop Participant Workbook (190 pages)

Advanced Skills Facilitator Certification

We also certify facilitators to deliver the Advanced Skills Workshop, supported by the Advanced Facilitator Guide.

Certified Advanced Skills Facilitators also agree to purchase copies of the Advanced Skills Workshop Participant Workbook from Crane Consulting for the workshops you conduct.

Advanced Facilitator Kit

Advanced Facilitators Guide (142 pages)

Flash/thumb drive with PowerPoint presentation for advanced workshop (142 slides)

Advanced Skills Workshop Participant Workbook (108 pages)

Coaching Culture and Coaching Skills Assessments

After certification, you may order and administer both of the proprietary assessments we use in this work:

Coaching Culture Assessment
(35 questions)

Coaching Skills Assessment
(60 questions)

By Terry Curry, VP Talent Development


Grand Prairie, Alberta, Canada

Every leader has been through The Heart of Coaching (THOC) training to enable them to use the same communication approach day to day. Our intention has been to make this an ongoing, living, breathing communication process that stays top of mind. It was never approached as a training event—it’s an ongoing developmental process for the whole company.

The challenges we faced with our leaders have been largely overcome through these four years of working with THOC. It does not happen overnight. Our senior leaders have maintained a consistent focus on the importance of coaching. This message has been reinforced continually at all of our gatherings. You really can’t get away from the core message—coach and be coached.

[Excerpted from The Rise of the Coachable Leader by Thomas G. Crane. Click here for the full coaching culture success story from the book.]