“The Heart of Coaching”
Virtual Coaching Skills for Today
Online Workshop

What if: People in your organization were able to get the feedback they needed, when they needed it, to improve themselves and their performance. Collegial Coaching provides the specific coaching skills to give and receive both feedback and coaching between colleagues, especially in these challenging COVID times.

For Whom: This course is designed for Senior Executives, Managers, Front-Line Supervisors, and Individual Contributors – anyone who gets work done by, with and through others. Attendees will learn and apply a robust communication toolkit where there is a dual focus on relationships and performance, leading to dramatically more effective coaching.

Contact: Thomas G. Crane, author “The Heart of Coaching” and “The Rise of the Coachable Leader”

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You will learn our Collegial Coaching competencies…check which ones would help you most right now move your current organization in the direction of a coaching culture…

Participants learn to:

  1. form trusting coaching relationships with colleagues
  2. set explicit performance expectations (vision, strategy, mission, goals, and core values)
  3. deliver actionable feedback (timely, specific, and helpful)
  4. ask effective questions that create learning
  5. listen carefully to responses to build trust
  6. share positive accountability for outcomes
  7. collaborate on options to build “buy-in”
  8. make commitments to mutual action
  9. set explicit follow-up expectations
  10. ensure support for success is present

Features: Thomas Crane, author of “The Heart of Coaching” and “The Rise of the Coachable Leader”, is the course instructor, and will be available for direct one-on-one email and phone support. Sessions will be recorded for those who miss them. An Online Forum will support cohort conversations and learning. Course is tailored when delivered inside an organization. Client testimonials

Typical Agenda:

Session 1 – Overview, Learning Protocols, Expectations, Learning Partner/Coach, Self-introductions, plus the Foundation Phase that sets up success

Session 2 – Coaching Language & In-the-Moment Coaching Shorthand

Session 3 – Asking deeply powerful Learning Questions to Collaboratively Problem-Solve plus the After-Action-Review

Session 4 – The 7 Keys and 7 Qualities we must understand about Feedback, plus how to deliver both Positive and Negative Feedback

Session 5 – The function and flow of the Feedback Loop and Forwarding-the-Action Phases of the Roadmap

Session 6 – A full and robust Transformational Coaching simulation/practice including documentation, debrief, and feedback

Session 7 – Positive Accountability, Coachability, Coaching Contract for personal behavioral change

Session 8 – Taking the skills back to work through Implementation Planning, and Graduation