We are holding an Open Enrollment Certification in August. This is an opportunity for organizational consultants, group facilitators, and executive coaches – all of whom work in organizations of all kinds – to add a powerful toolkit to their personal skills and capabilities. Through the week-long experience, we provide all the consulting and facilitation tools necessary to be able to sell, deliver, and coach one’s client throug h the process of enhancing leader’s and team’s coaching skills. If you are an internal consultant or facilitator, then this process is delivered to your employer.

This is framed today as creating a High Performance Coaching Culture, where the common and driving skill set is one of coaching. For us, we call this process coaching, since it takes place in an organizational context, but it is truly a comprehensive, and systematic communications model.

We have consultants, facilitators and executive coaches around the world who utilize this consultative toolkit with their own clients. The only element required for those certified is to purchase workshop materials from Crane Consulting for the clients with whom you do this powerful work.

The certifications are kept to a small class size, usually under 10, so that lots of conversation and individual attention can occur with the group that is becoming certified. As a certified consultant, you join a large and growing community of facilitators with whom you can stay connected. Among other things, we peeriodically brain storm best practices for finding client opportunities, delivering this process, and then supporting your client implementation through your personal coaching. It adds up to YOU delivering more value.

The full week is in San Diego at the MARINA VILLAGE, from August 19-23, Please see more registration information at: www.craneconsulting.com.