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The most potent skill possessed by any leader today... the shift from being "the BOSS OF people" to becoming "the COACH FOR people."

Tom delivers keynotes and presentations to conferences throughout the world. If you are looking for passionate, pragmatic and positively uplifting messages and tools derived from over 28 years of organizational consulting and coaching experience, call him today.

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  • The Three Legs of Leadership – In this fast-paced and complex world, what are the “critical few” core competencies” all leaders need? They need to be able to: 1. Set the Course, 2. Role-Model Core Values, and 3. Coach for Performance and Development.
  • Leader as Coach – the most potent skill possessed by any leader today – presented as “applied leadership” this program demonstrates how to shift from being “the BOSS OF people” to becoming “the COACH FOR people.” If you can’t coach well – you can’t lead well.
  • Creating Coaching Cultures – what a true “high-performance” organizational culture looks and feels like – and why it is so critical to utilize peer coaching as a team skill
  • Setting and Aligning the Strategic Course – beyond determining a strategy and hoping people understand it and their role in creating success, how do leaders get people to want to follow it and align their best efforts to achieve the vision, mission, and strategy? They require collaborative involvement – what people create…they support.
  • Building High-Performance Teams – How do leaders get their teams to become high-performance units able to create and sustain a competitive advantage for their business? They coach them to develop the 7 core competencies of all “high-performing” teams – course, commitment, communication, character, change & creativity, collaboration, and coaching.
  • Spiritual Principles in Contemporary Leadership – What are the core spiritual principles that all faiths and people can connect with, and that –when integrated into a leaders thinking and being – liberate the deepest passion and energy for meaningful work? They learn to integrate the three principles of: Intention, Surrender, and Mindfulness.

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