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Coaching Workshop | Coaching and Accountability Workshops

Coaching speeds up the learning curve by capturing "lessons learned" and openly and proactively sharing this wisdom across the team.

Coaching is practiced as an ongoing, threaded conversation, not an event tied to performance reviews.

Crane Consulting is focused on assisting leaders and their teams maximize performance. We work to transform the people side of the enterprise – the culture – because that is where and how the work gets done. We find that dysfunctional or "low" functioning cultures are what keeps both leaders and teams from reaching their potential. Let's face it – culture is the leading indicator of organizational performance.

Through doing culture change work for 24 years, we have learned to primarily focus on the two longest poles in the performance tent – the core principles that have the most leverage and traction – Coaching and Accountability. They represent the Yin and Yang of true high performance and are interdependent and compulsory.

Here is how we define and work with Organizational Accountability…

"Organizational Accountability is the practice of consciously choosing our thoughts and actions, fully and completely communicating with our colleagues, and willingly accepting the intellectual and emotional ownership for the full impact of our choices."

We share how to model it, spot it and coach it - moving people to higher levels of accountability. This means that it is critical to address ineffective, trust-destroying dynamics such as:

  • making excuses (rather than owning your part of the performance)
  • blaming others (rather than looking at what you might have done differently)
  • sticking one’s head in the sand (rather than working to find out what is going on and acting on that information)
  • compliance (rather than committed action)
  • politically-motivated decisions (rather than principle-based decisions)
  • criticizing others (rather than providing actionable feedback)
  • waiting and hoping (rather than being proactive)


You probably see some of these behaviors in your organization. We believe that these dynamics hold the key to individual and team performance. Our due diligence process identifies and shines the light on this entire range of less-than-helpful attitudes and behaviors that exist in culture, and supports senior leaders making it crystal clear to all what is expected. The emerging healthier culture is far more sustainable. That is the prize worth fighting for and why this work is essential.

The resulting experiential workshops teach people how to use both of these performance principles to support dramatically transformed interpersonal interactions, which lead directly to sustainable performance improvements.

Here are some of the typical features of the 2 day Core Skills Coaching and Accountability workshops…

  • Preparation – pre-reading, 360° feedback on coaching competencies
  • Leadership Sets Tone: Purpose/Personal Commitment & Support
  • Connection to Organizational Strategy, Initiatives and Values
  • Coaching Culture Assessment results - strengths/challenges faced
  • Robust Toolkit with 7 different approaches to coaching conversations
  • Learning and modeling attitudes and behaviors of Organizational Accountability
  • Experiential hands-on practice and feedback – multiple rounds
  • Personal Coach as Learning Partner
  • Personal Coaching Contract for Change (from 360° Feedback Report)
  • Coaching Scorecard – personal/organizational goals
  • Coaching Best Practices – Toughest Challenges
  • Follow-Through: Feedback on Goal Accomplishment

We certify internal and external consultants and trainers to conduct these workshops. Our methodology of creating high performance coaching cultures stresses the important of have internal resources work together with business unit leaders and co-lead the workshops.

We also now offer to clients our Advanced Coaching Skills Workshop. It provides 2 additional days of skills development and covers these essential topics:

  • Using Behavioral Styles to connect and coach colleagues
  • Coaching my Boss and my Team
  • Coaching people through difficult personal and organizational Changes
  • Emotional Intelligence and EGO
  • Coaching 3 distinctive levels of Performance
  • Coaching through Generational differences
  • Using coaching conversations to build or re-build Trust
  • Coaching through Conflict
  • Coaching for long term Development vs. Performance

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