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Cultural Assessment and Cultural Transformation

We work with entire organizational cultures to develop true high-performance.

Crane Consulting offers leading edge consulting services focused on assisting leaders and their teams to realize their full potential through cultural transformation. All of our transformational work starts with a cultural assessment that lays the foundation for meaningful change.

The Foundation of our work with leaders, teams or entire cultures...

Transformational Coaching is a proven, systematic roadmap for holding emotionally-intelligent collegial coaching conversations. The toolkit that springs from this successful approach equips leaders and teams to create egalitarian, mutually-supportive, highly-accountable, coaching partnerships where feedback flows in all directions – up, down, and sideways – across the entire culture.

The foundation for the change process that supports the personal transformation from thinking of oneself as a BOSS OF people to being a COACH FOR people is the powerful "The Heart of Coaching" workshop. In this experiential learning process, participants use the Transformational Coaching process to leverage positive results in their coaching conversations, and create a vision and contract for themselves as a "coach practitioner."

The Transformational Coaching model...

Here is the vision for what is possible…

"In a COACHING CULTURE, all members of the culture courageously engage in candid, respectful coaching conversations, unrestricted by reporting relationships, about how they can improve their working relationships and individual and collective work performance. All have learned to value and effectively use feedback as a powerful learning tool to produce higher levels of personal accountability, professional development, high-trust working relationships, continually-improving job performance, and ever-increasing customer satisfaction."

How the High Performance Coaching Culture work unfolds…

  • Our successful transformational work starts with a robust discovery process that engages leaders in the desire and commitment to enhance the way both they and the culture performs.
  • We use our NEW Coaching Culture Assessment that lays the foundation for measuring real performance improvements (each 6 months) that is directly tied to strategic goal achievement.
  • Leaders dramatically enhance their leadership effectiveness through participating in an executive-level learning experience that targets strategic organizational performance. The core focus is on developing awareness and skills that are grounded in Organizational Accountability and Transformational Coaching.
  • The organization then becomes involved in a gradual cascading of this experiential learning process to mid-level managers, often led by internal facilitators we have been certified to deliver the process.
  • The heart of our change process is to combine clear leadership alignment focused on key strategic goals, with personal and organizational accountability that effectively uses accountability as a motivational tool (not a hammer), and is all supported by ongoing and continuous feedback and coaching that informs and challenges people to grow and improve.


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