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The Heart of Coaching | Transformational Coaching

"This book belongs ON THE DESK as a just-in-time resource for high-impact coaching."

–Scott Tempel, Senior Consultant

We offer a complete suite of products including books, workbooks, facilitator kits, and individual and group assessment instruments based on the leadership and teamwork principles described in "The Heart of Coaching."


Book Description

This is the 19th year and the 7th version of this book being a vital resource for those who are willing to develop coaching as a contemporary leadership skill. It has been updated in January 2014 to keep it current and vital. It presents the powerful process called Transformational Coaching as a comprehensive and systematic way to plan, organize, and conduct coaching conversations. It de-mystifies into easy to understand and follow steps, thus making it a communication tool for leaders and their teams to coach in all directions – Up toward one's Boss, Down toward one's Direct Reports, and Laterally to one's Peers. Huge benefits accrue to the organizations where this becomes a cultural norm…and a true "coaching culture."

In the spirit of keeping "The Heart of Coaching" a vibrant and contemporary resource for our readers, we offer this Fourth Edition where we do several important things.

The Foundation Phase:

We changed the term in the second bullet from Set “Context” to Set “Course” to more clearly indicate “where we are headed”. The five main components still apply but the term is more consistent with other language in the workshop. In the Learning Loop (now called the Feedback Loop) the word “context” included there is the only time “Context” appears.

The Learning Loop—renamed the Feedback Loop:

By changing the name from “Learning” Loop to “Feedback” Loop, we directly describe what actions are the focus of the conversation. The heart of the coaching conversation is dialogue that is used to deliver feedback that leads to learning. One could actually call the phase it any of those three names—the Dialogue, Feedback or Learning Loop. We think “Feedback Loop” is the most clear.

The companion model that is used directly in the Feedback Loop is The Results Cycle. This is truly a “Feedback Map” to guide the details of the feedback, encouraging specific, not general feedback.

We also have specified that instead of describing “sharing perceptions” of behavior, that is it even more clear to state “Describe Behavior.” Again, we more clearly indicate exactly what is being suggested to do—deliver feedback.

To even more explicit, we have stated as the secondary part of the second main bullet is to add action verbs: Reinforce Progress and Identify Opportunities. These give it clarity and punch.

In the third bullet, we added the word “Experience” to what is explored through the questions that are asked. The coachee's engagement and “buy-in” will never be fully realized unless the coachee feels fully part of the conversation.

The fifth bullet has been “tweaked” to reflect that the accountability that is being explored, needs to absolutely be mutual, and is not about the future, but the current situation that is being discussed.

Forwarding-the-Action Phase:

The first bullet emphasizes that the vision for success really needs to be the shared vision of both parties.

We combined the “Offer Support” into the step of Clarifying Action Commitment, and defining the Follow-Up Plan. This feels more timely to Identify the support alongside the actions for which the support is offered.

The final bullet now more clearly takes the form of a short, collaborative debrief of “what worked, did not work so well, and how would we change on conversations in the future.” Then as the final, powerful concluding step, appreciate the person, the process, the willingness, and anything else that signifies the relationship is growing and/or the conversations are improving. Heartfelt appreciation is key.

From the back cover of the fourth edition:

The Compelling Vision of a High Performance Coaching Culture

The premise of this book is simple. As coaching becomes a predominant cultural practice, it will create a high performance working environment where…


…all members of the culture courageously engage in candid, respectful coaching conversations, unrestricted by reporting relationships, about how they can improve their working relationships and individual and collective work performance. All have learned to value and effectively use feedback as a powerful learning tool to produce higher levels of personal accountability, professional development, high-trust working relationships, continually-improving job performance, and ever-increasing customer satisfaction.

Transformational Coaching is the requisite skill for today’s leaders, managers, and supervisors who choose to enhance their personal effectiveness and the performance of those they lead.

What People are Saying about The Heart of Coaching...

"The Heart of Coaching shows organizations how to tap the power, ideas and wisdom of their people to deliver high performance results. Tom's authentic and practical approach to coaching (up, down and across) creates invaluable benefits to those following this coaching methodology."

- Val Harding Ph.D, Executive Director, Pfizer Global Research and Development

"Managers and organizations know that coaching is critical. The Heart of Coaching outlines a process that allows bringing ‘insight to action.’ We have introduced Tom's coaching process in our culturally diverse organization to 900 employees in 9 countries. We have seen improvement in our employee engagement survey, voluntary employee turnover, and are well on our way to being a high performance coaching culture."

- Richard Metheny, Chief Talent Officer, The Marketing Store

"I own no less than 30 books on coaching and giving performance feedback, and this is the best yet. I say this for three reasons. It is structured around an easy-to-understand model. It is detailed enough to be genuinely useful without being overwhelming. And lastly, it advocates a strong philosophy of genuine caring that is essential to effective coaching. You can bury people in skills training, but they won't do it in the real world unless they have beliefs and values that support this difficult set of management skills. Coaching is easy to talk about, hard to do. This book makes it clear what to do and also encourages the reader to actually do it."
Laura Page

"The concept of Boss as Coach is a compelling one, and Transformational Coaching will define leadership in the 21st Century. Tom Crane provides a mechanism for individual and organizational change that will add enormous value to people and their organizations."
Eric Mokover, Asst. Dean and Director, MBA Program, The Anderson School of Management, UCLA

"This book belongs ON THE DESK as a just-in-time resource for high-impact coaching."
Scott Tempel, Senior Consultant

"This book is a highly practical, ‘hands-on’ approach to managing human and organizational performance."
John E. Jones, Ph.D., President, O.U.S.

"This work is right on point! Performance management is the business issue of our times and coaching is THE requisite skill for all leaders who need to get the best from their teams. Every practitioner will benefit from Tom's contagiously passionate approach, guaranteed to help you and your team."
C.O. Woody, Senior Vice President, Florida Power & Light

"Tom Crane has accomplished a difficult task--capturing the "essence" of coaching while building a rock-solid foundation for practicing this emerging art and science. The Heart of Coaching should be kept close at hand to mine it's many tools and techniques and to rejuvenate coaches when they lose sight of why this is such a rewarding and difference making field of work."
Jeff Zakaryan from Dana Point, CA. USA

As the practice of coaching is embraced by an organization, its ability to communicate and deliver results against strategic objectives is measurably increased.

Many coaching models exist today that did not five or ten years ago.




BIO notes…author of “The Heart of Coaching” – over 175,000 copies sold.

Tom Crane, M.B.A., is an experienced Organizational Development consultant and facilitator who specializes in working with leaders and their teams to build “feedback-rich” coaching cultures that create and sustain true “high-performance.” His passion is in sharing the Transformational Coaching process as a foundation for leaders becoming significantly more effective, and teams becoming more healthy, productive, and empowering places to work.

For over 24 years, Tom has worked nationally and internationally with Fortune 1000, small entrepreneurial, non-profit, and government organizations in orchestrating strategic change to optimize performance.

The team at Crane Consulting offers a broad range of experientially-based consulting services including vision and value-based culture change, leadership development processes, coaching workshops, 360° feedback, building high-performance teams, and group facilitation.

The Workshop Materials provide you with the tools needed to bring this dynamic approach into any organization and begin building a Coaching Culture.

Workshop Materials

For clients and internal consultants that have attended our internal "Train-the-Facilitator" certifications, we offer the following workshop materials to support new participants going through "The Heart of Coaching" workshops. See Participant Package Below.

We offer "Train-the-Facilitator" certifications to external (or internal) consultants who wish to expand their consulting/training repertoire to deliver "The Heart of Coaching" workshops. This experiential workshop enhances coaching skills for leaders and teams. For those clients who are ready to begin the journey of creating a "high-performance coaching culture", it equips them with the consulting tools to significantly shift the culture in the direction of that transformation. The Facilitator Kit pictured below is included in the overall 5 day certification workshop.

Click here to request more information on "Train-the-Facilitator" certifications and/or workshop materials.

Participant Package for each attendee includes: Facilitator Kit Includes:

"The Heart of Coaching" - Fourth Edition; plus Participant Workbook (218 pages)

"The Heart of Coaching" - Fourth Edition; Facilitator Guide - a complete 2-day design; Participant Workbook (218 pages - non-reproducible); CD-ROM presentation (184 PPT slides); Dartboard/Darts/Blindfold

(All pricing is plus actual shipping costs from San Diego, CA)

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