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Facilitator Certification | Heart of Coaching Workshops

When the organization actively supports all employees to develop themselves personally and professionally coaching takes on true meaning.

From time to time, we offer Open Enrollment Facilitator Certification for "The Heart of Coaching" Coaching and Accountability workshop. Click here for a description and a sample for the Registration Information. At this time, we have no Open Enrollment certifications planned for San Diego, but watch this space.

We certify both internal and external Facilitators, Consultants and Executive Coaches to deliver "The Heart of Coaching" workshops to their own organization or to their own clients. We typically limit certification group sizes to less than 12 individuals to ensure the grounding and practice sessions are deep and meaningful. Occasionally we offer these certifications in an Open Enrollment format, but most frequently conduct the certification with a designated team of internal resources that work for the same organization.

We have individuals becoming certified attend the 2 Day Core Skills Workshop to have a full experience of this highly experiential learning workshop. The certification portion consists of a 3 day process focused on grounding in the workshop materials and group facilitation skills – all with significant group feedback. We also cover the unique culture shifting strategy we utilize for clients wanting to legitimately create a leader-led, High Performance Coaching Culture.

We have now released the Advanced 2 Day Workshop, which is designed to dramatically expand and deepen the coaching and leadership skills of attendees.

Upon satisfactory completion of the 5 day process, individuals who are certified join "The Heart of Coaching" learning community, and are able to attend online learning events designed by members of the community. We share success stories, support one another, and address how to handle culture-change related challenges.

The ongoing commitment for certified facilitators is to enter into an agreement to purchase workshop materials from Crane Consulting for the workshops you conduct.

These are the Core Skills Workshop and Facilitator Kit materials pictured below.

Participant Package for each attendee includes: Facilitator Kit Includes:

"The Heart of Coaching" - Fourth Edition; plus Participant Workbook (164 pages)

"The Heart of Coaching" - Fourth Edition; Facilitator Guide - a complete 2-day design; Participant Workbook (164 pages - non-reproducible); CD-ROM presentation (209 PPT slides); DVD Coaching Video; Dartboard/Darts/Blindfold

Additionally, you are able to order and facilitate both of the proprietary assessments we use in this work...

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