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Client Testimonials

Coaching Success Stories:

As committed users of “The Heart of Coaching”, we have been sharing this powerful coaching process across all of our 100+ locations in Canada. We have been delivering this coaching process for 3 years with our own facilitators who were certified by Tom and recently increased our facilitators to include an additional 6 facilitators that will be providing the program to an additional 70 locations in Quebec and a further 100+ locations with Vision Source Canada.

We were just certified to deliver the advanced materials and our facilitator team of 7 really appreciates the depth and usefulness of the Advanced Workbook that quite naturally builds on the Core materials. With this new material, we will be able to continue to build our leader’s and team’s capability to exchange feedback and create the Coaching Culture that is so important to our sustained growth.

—Terry Curry, VP Talent Development, FYiDoctors


The Heart of Coaching has become a game-changing event within our organization. Though this specialized training, I believe we are solidifying the components of trust, respect, engagement and communication that are integral attributes of a high performing team.

—David Ramaker, Chairman, CEO and President, Chemical Bank

The Heart of Coaching shows organizations how to tap the power, ideas and wisdom of their people to deliver high performance results. Tom’s authentic and practical approach to coaching (up, down, and across) creates invaluable benefits to those following this coaching methodology.

—Val Harding Ph.D, Executive Director, Pfizer

Your recent team alignment workshop reinforced the need and benefits for a “feedback-rich coaching culture” and it was a great opportunity for staff to practice coaching on each other. Thanks again for a great workshop!

—Gail Farber, Caltrans

As a senior manager with a major international manufacturing entity, I am continually educating my superiors, peers and subordinates about the value of developing exceptional coaching skills. After extensive research, The Heart of Coaching was the written vehicle we chose to develop these skills within our organization.

What sets it apart, is a focus on changing yourself and your own behavior rather than changing others. It is written with a simplicity that creates immediate understanding of the most effective behaviors of leaders who combine "heart" with results. The results in our organization have been astounding. Not just a change in the effectiveness of individuals, but a cultural evolution.

—Jill Keller Bonneau, Michelin

“The Heart of Coaching” professional development session exceeded my expectations. I have taken a lot of professional development in the last 20 years and the two days spent with Tom Crane was by far the best professional development event I have ever attended. I really appreciated Tom’s style and guidance through the two days. The individual and small group hands-on activities were very powerful. I plan to use the skills and knowledge gained with my team, the larger organization, external customers, and at home. Thank you for providing such a rich experience.

—Beth Crawford, MA, The Ohio State University

The author has written a comprehensive guide that has the potential to transform any company into one with a widespread “coaching culture,” where everyone in the organization is empowered with the skills and tools to provide coaching to each other. Tom Crane paints a clear picture about HOW to perform the various coaching skills. If you study and follow the profound wisdom of this model, you can help your company experience the kind of coaching culture where everyone engages in respectful coaching conversations that lead to better relationships, improved performance, and a place where people actually look forward to coming to work.

—Meredith Bell

There's a quiet revolution happening in organizations. Until recently, helping managers and employees improve their ability to perform was the responsibility of HR staff, corporate trainers, consultants, and hired professional coaches. If you asked a supervisor what he or she was doing to help team members be better team members, the typical answer was, "That's not my job." The solution presents itself in Crane's classic book, The Heart of Coaching.

The vision and purpose of the book is to help organizations establish a coaching culture, in which people at all levels take an active role in helping others in the organization work on improving skills. Imagine the benefits: Learning would be so much easier. Performing at a high level would become commonplace. Human interactions would be mutually supportive. Who wouldn't want to work in an environment like that?

—Dennis Coates

This book is a marvelous example on "how" to coach, the specific handbook on what to do. This is an excellent reference for anyone who wants to learn ways to improve their communications and relationships and become more aware of how specific behaviors may impact others. It will help you reflect on your values and how to implement them in all that you do. Highly recommended for coaches and non-coaches alike.

—Marin Maelstrom

As a new instructional coach in an educational setting, this book provided great discussion in a book study.

—R. M. Tulp, Educator

I have read many books on coaching but none come close to Tom Crane's book "The Heart of Coaching: Using Transformational Coaching to Create a High-Performance Coaching Culture (3rd Edition). Following the principles of The Transformational Coaching Roadmap is just what today's leaders need to build a coaching culture. After reading Tom's book I knew I had to speak to him about helping me start to build a coaching culture in my company.

Tom came through for me by building an online coaching workshop for my staff. His workshop has inspired my managers to embrace coaching as the right way to get results through their people. Not only did the workshop teach them on how to be great coaches, it contained an ongoing implementation process to make sure the learning never stops.

—David Bardon, President, Bardon Bowling Centers

As a professional certified coach, I love this book and use it as a resource in the programs I facilitate on leadership development and business coaching. Tom has such BIG HEART and through this book he provides a wonderful road map on how managers and leaders can begin to create more high performance work teams.

—Linda Denton, A People Development Company

This book gets to the "heart" of the matter - pun intended. "Coaching," according to author Thomas G. Crane, "is a healthy, positive, and enabling process that develops the capacity of people to solve today's business problems." Bingo! Don't simply read "The Heart of Coaching," practice its principles and you will help those you coach grow and develop.

—John Baldoni

The Heart of Coaching is a current and practical guide that demonstrates how coaching is the heart of leadership that creates and sustains an organization's competitive advantage. Crane's superior book shows how to provide feedback with respect, with clarity, and in a partnership that empowers people to contribute increasingly at higher levels of performance.

—Mary R. Bast

Of the myriad of books I've read on coaching and creating a high performance culture, The Heart of Coaching is by far the undisputed winner!

—John L. Naples

Testimonials from participants from around the world attending the 2 Day Core Skills Coaching & Accountability workshop

Asian Clients:

Good case exercises and examples to understand– good class and structured training

It was a god program and had been conducted in such a way to facilitate understanding and implementation

I learned new tips and techniques, and I am already an experienced coach!

Educational Clients – US:

All the skills and the roadmap were helpful, the options for change were the most helpful.

In education, breaking "bad news" is hard, and the feedback loop helped me think about how to best break bad news.

The Transformational Coaching Roadmap provides a framework to use when working in any coaching situation.

Learning language that avoids blame, builds collaboration, and insures mutual commitment from both the coach and the coachee was powerful.

Hospital Clients – US/Australia:

Well-designed group activities facilitated our exchange of best practices, and created an environment of camaraderie.

This approach encourages a compassionate interaction – one that we need in our organization.

This approach to coaching will continue to develop our team – and that will lead directly to the best patient outcomes and staff satisfaction.

Department of Corrections – US:

This approach to coaching reminds us to share our experience, yet come from non--judgment when coaching peers, managers, and direct reports.

This has been the best class of our leadership development program.

Financial Services – US:

This workshop, by far, exceeded my expectations. I came in expecting how to coach sales calls – I left with coaching skills that can be used in every facet of my life.

This experience has opened my eyes that we all need to take more ownership in coaching our staff.

I learned how to coach UP to my direct manager – how to start the conversation and how to maintain the forward movement.

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