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These organizational consulting engagements indicate a wide range of expertise.

R&D team suffered from low collaboration across technical functions – feedback was not trusted Show leaders and teams how to utilize feedback and coaching to create a high-performing coaching culture Through effective role-modeling and commitment by leaders, teams have enjoyed an immediate boost in trust and camaraderie, facilitating all project work being accomplished more easily and effectively. Click Here for full story (PDF).
Merger of new business into corporate strategy and parent culture Teambuilding and alignment process led by new leader Clear sense of being on ONE team – aligned with strategic direction – fueled business growth in late 1990's

Shell Oil
Mid-level managers needed to enhance coaching skills Designed series of multi-day workshops to develop managers into effective coaches Participants integrated coaching into daily interactions with people – enhanced their ability to lead their respective teams
Divisional Teams not working as a team – un-aligned on goals and objectives Team assessment led to multi-day workshop acquiring team skills described in “The 7 C’s of High-Performance Teams” Significantly more energy focused on current goals – communications are better – much more effective coaching of Peers and teams led by senior Divisional team

Crown Consortium
Peer teachers coaching fellow teachers needed common coaching approach and skills to coach teachers to enhance student’s learning experiences Developed 2 day coaching skills workshops for 350 teacher/coaches – Included follow-through activities throughout school year – led by local facilitators Teachers acting as Peer teachers now have consistent method to coach classroom teaching effectiveness, thus dramatically impacting overall teacher effctiveness. Followups planned throughout 2003-2004 school year.
Plant Management Team needed alignment and communication skills – especially coaching Designed multiple day workshop using “The 7 C’s of High-Performance Teams” – with a major focus on developing coaching skills Plant Management Team significantly improved collaboration – and dramatically enhanced team coaching effectiveness – now taking “coaching culture” process to North America plants
Leadership team wanted to enhance leadership and coaching skills Offsite retreat to learn how to effectively coach teams and one another Dramatically enhanced leaders ability to coach – leaders took coaching process to entire organization and created a “safe harbor” where OK to respectively address anything – created a true “coaching culture”
Leadership team needed alignment and related leadership skills Designed and delivered series of workshops across organization – including “ropes events” stressing collaboration and coaching – created compelling vision and guiding values for entire company Dramatically enhanced teamwork and leadership across team – all new employees oriented to organization’s values and coaching process – ultimately was sold to major CA financial services organization
Call Center Managers desired leadership development program for post-merger footprint Designed and led multi-day learning process focused on leadership skills in Call Center environment – focused on coaching the sales process Better equipped managers to lead and coach the sales force to enhance selling and service performance across the US
Desired to enhance mid-level coaching skills at Cook Nuclear Plant Designed and conducted 2 day coaching skills process to dramatically enhance coaching skills – included follow-up sessions and follow-through activities Significant improvement in managers communication and coaching skills – now internal facilitators continue these developmental workshops with new managers

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